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Career Planning

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Proactive planning helps professionals realize rewarding careers by being mindful of the what they want to achieve in their career and committed to an action plan that helps them progress.

  • Professional assistance with career decision-making when your role has changed or when you are evaluating new opportunities
  • Learn how to work with your leader to create meaningful professional development goals
  • Understand your career options within your organization or within the labor market
  • Outline the steps which will best position you for the next role or opportunity
  • Assess skills, values, interests and life goals
  • Develop a plan to fill any skill gaps
  • Plan a graceful exit

Enhancing the Career Development Discussion

A cost effective Training Program for Employees and Managers.

This program is an opportunity for organization to increase employee engagement through the career development discussion.When an employee is able to clearly articulate career goals with their manager, and the manager is able to translate those goals into sustainable development plans the employee becomes more engaged.

When an employee is able to clearly articulate career goals with their manager, and the manager is able to translate those goals into sustainable development plans the employee becomes more engaged.

Training for Employees

  • Employee Self-Assessment of Skills and Interests
  • Employee Communication Skill Development
  • Employees learn to lead the discussion about their development and communicate their skills and interests to their managers in a way that facilitates a productive career development discussion.

Training for Managers

  • Manager training on Employee Development Planning
  • Managers learn how to establish a communication dynamic with their employee that fosters trust
  • Managers learn how to brainstorm options and understand resources for employee development
  • Managers are taught how to identify skill gaps and development opportunities Managers learn strategies for plan implementation, follow up and sustainability.

Exiting Gracefully

Proactive career transition planning for employees:This program gives employers a way to help employees transition to the next step in their career with dignity.A proactive alternative to outplacement this program can stand alone or be an extension of the professional and career development discussion. This program provides coaching to help the employee proactively plan the next steps in their career while the employer reorganizes.

Coaching for Employees

  • Assessment of skills, gaps and strengths for other roles
  • Understanding of broader career goals and aspirations
  • Identification of other roles within the organization or job market
  • Creation of a plan to move forward
  • Emotional support in times of change
  • When job requirements no longer leverage the employee’s strengths or skills

Coaching for the Employer

  • Strategies on how to engage the employee in the process
  • Suggestions on a transition period for both the employer and employee.
  • Advise on how to prevent gaps in resources and knowledge loss.
  • Consultation on a communication strategy.

Karen Kodzik
President-Founder-Career Counselor

About the Founder

Karen Kodzik possesses a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Career Development demonstrating a career long commitment to helping people realize rewarding careers. She is uniquely qualified as a coach by coupling her formal training as a counselor and a solid business acumen gained as an HR insider for Fortune 500 corporations.

Karen is a popular and passionate trainer, presenter, author and speaker. Karen quickly and easily engages her audience, leaving them empowered and equipped for any career transition

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