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Career Management & Executive Coaching

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Position yourself for career success while in your current role. Learn skills to build confidence, increase efficacy, and nurture key relationships within the ever changing work environment.

Take control. Gain perspective. Make a plan. Realize a rewarding career.

Proactive career management leads to options and opportunities. Position yourself for success by gaining insight into yourself and awareness into the world of work around you.


  • Professional assistance with career decision-making
  • Understand your career options within your organization or within the labor market
  • Manage change in role, boss and culture
  • Outline the steps which will best position you for the next role or opportunity
  • Navigate corporate culture
  • Learn to “manage up”
  • Build internal advocates and champions
  • Foster and engage a high value professional network
  • Plan a graceful exit

Organizations are successful when employees are successful. Employers are realizing that creating a work environment conducive to success is particularly challenging with a multigenerational workforce. Each generation, from baby boomer to Gen. Z, is unique in what they need to be successful.

Provide employees with the individualized support and coaching to leverage their strengths, address their gaps, and bolster their skills so that they can perform at their best and effectively navigate the organizational culture while fostering productive relationships.


  • On Boarding for success
  • Advise on how to navigate corporate culture
  • Coaching on proactively managing their career path
  • Learning how to build internal mentors, advocates and champions
  • Coaching on
    • managing change in role, boss and culture
    • managing relationships
    • managing communication and conflict

Karen Kodzik
President-Founder-Career Counselor

About the Founder

Karen Kodzik possesses a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Career Development demonstrating a career long commitment to helping people realize rewarding careers. She is uniquely qualified as a coach by coupling her formal training as a counselor and a solid business acumen gained as an HR insider for Fortune 500 corporations.

Karen is a popular and passionate trainer, presenter, author and speaker. Karen quickly and easily engages her audience, leaving them empowered and equipped for any career transition

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