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Career Exploration

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Allow yourself to dream of a fulfilling career that taps into your passion. Career exploration is about looking beyond the career you know to a career that is possible.

  • Assess transferable skills for a new industry or completely new career
  • Confirm values alignment between work and life
  • Evaluate interests
  • Brainstorm career options through a facilitated whiteboard process
  • Research and vet various career options to ensure viability and employability
  • Confirm existing direction or identify a new career path
  • Determine possible skill development or enhancement needs
  • Outline a plan including timeline and milestones to move towards that new objective.
  • Assess the return on investment of time and money for additional education

Karen Kodzik
President-Founder-Career Counselor

About the Founder

Karen Kodzik possesses a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Career Development demonstrating a career long commitment to helping people realize rewarding careers. She is uniquely qualified as a coach by coupling her formal training as a counselor and a solid business acumen gained as an HR insider for Fortune 500 corporations.

Karen is a popular and passionate trainer, presenter, author and speaker. Karen quickly and easily engages her audience, leaving them empowered and equipped for any career transition

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