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Podcast Interview – Linda Thrasher

With a passion for policy and business that started with an interest in Watergate, Linda Thrasher, co-founder of Greenfield Nitrogen, discusses the common thread in a career that has been everywhere. From law school to working as a legislative aid in D.C., and corporate lobbying for Cargill to entrepreneurship, she has an appetite for risk and taking the road less traveled. Along the way, she learned just how hard entrepreneurship can be but always focused on her family to stay grounded, while sharing the lessons she learned and planning for what’s next.

About Linda:

From a Midwest farm to Capitol Hill to a corporate boardroom, Linda Thrasher understands what it takes to build and grow a business, whether it’s being part of a family farming operation, launching a new Fortune 500 company or developing an agricultural startup.  A co-founder of Greenfield Nitrogen, the first regional nitrogen fertilizer plant of its kind in the Midwest, Linda and her business partners are in the final phase of developing a $200 million production plant and storage facility in Northern Iowa.  Linda also was a founding executive of The Mosaic Company and a director of public policy for Cargill, Inc.  She has served on numerous non-profit boards and she was recently recognized as a distinguished alumna by St. Catherine University.


About the Author:

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