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How to Explain a Short Term Job on the Resume

In this Sunday’s Star Tribune I commented on a question from a reader seeking advise on if they could omit a short-term job on their resume.

It’s a common question many job seekers ask.  Basically there are 2 places a job seeker face this dilemma: 1 on the resume, and 1 on application.

On a resume if the short-term job does not support the overall objective a job seeker may elect to omit it.  However I advise that all jobs are included on a job application.

This I realize begs the question: isn’t this a disconnect?  More times than not I’ll advise to disclose all jobs in the spirit of transparency. The key then is managing the message of the short stint including being able to talk about how it demonstrates a willingness to take a risk and try something new, also being able to discuss what factors drew them to the job, how those factors may have changed, and how he/she considered other resolutions before deciding to quit.

Short stints can be a positive thing if well explained. Employers are typically more concerns when there is a pattern of short stints. The full article below offers additional insight and tips around this very common question.


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