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90% of people come to Cultivating Careers because of a referral or reputation

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You will find comfort in knowing why our reputation is stellar and how we have become a trusted resource to thousands over the years. We are professional’s first call each time they find themselves at a career cross roads.

Cultivating Careers was instrumental in helping me land a challenging new opportunity. Karen coached me through a difficult exit transition, helped me develop my value proposition and resume as well as develop a strong social media presence. She assisted in the development of a networking plan and held me accountable to work the plan.Thank you,

Karen Barb C., Chief Operating Officer – Utility sector

I have worked with Karen several times over the past few years and she hasdelivered two, very impactful programs to our employees. One on how to think about their own growth and put together their Individual Development Plans. She also worked with a group of approximately 30 employees within the 5-8 years to retirement range about “Life After Work” and planning for it. In addition, she also delivered this to our managers to help them to have meaningful conversations with the employees about their future plans. Each time I work with Karen I am impressed by her knowledge and professionalism but mostly how well she delivers a clear, understandable message based on the audience.

Becky Bjorgum, Vice President Human Resources – Innovize

Despite the pay and title I’d worked tirelessly for, I was personally at my lowest due to the stress of my job when I was referred to Karen by a fellow executive. Karen’s insightful, compassionate and forthright manner broke through all the symptoms (and excuses) I presented to identify the real problems. The tools she offered allowed me to discover a path back towards professional fulfillment. Without judgment, she empowered me to setup a structure that eliminates thechances of repeating past mistakes. I would recommend Karen to anyone facingcareer questions, challenges or simply looking for professional growth.

Traci T. , President – Commercial Property Management and Development sector

Karen has the unique ability and insight to help make sense of your career puzzle and set you on a clearer path with a renewed sense of purpose. She is a great listener and has given me invaluable advice.

Michael K. , President - Supply Chain sector

I highly recommend Karen to anyone who wants to think critically about their career. Karen guided me through an impasse several years ago as I contemplated a completely different career path. Karen brought an objective and dispassionate perspective (something that is difficult to get, even from well-meaning family, friends and mentors), helpfully guiding me through an evaluation of my skillset, interests, values, and practical needs. As a result, I’m pursuing a career that is a much tighter fit for both my interests and skills. Karen was a critical part of my transition and I highly recommend you connect with her!

Ben Wilmoth

I first met Karen when we were both on a consulting assignment with a major health insurer in the Twin Cities. I was immediately impressed with her ability to identify the business issue and respond with an effective solution. She is a strong HR leader, having a very strategic approach to people issues, yet relating very well with any level of an organization. She meets people where they are at, and demonstrates considerable professionalism when working in all types of situations. Since first working with Karen, I have referred a number of individuals seeking career advice or job search assistance to her, knowing they would get excellent advice and service. There are few people I would feel comfortable writing this kind of reference, but with Karen I have no reservations. She is at the top of her game.

Steve Lewis, Talent Acquisition Director, Hearth and Home Technologies

Karen Kodzik has gotten into my head in the very best possible way. As Iconsider career moves and job searches, I hear her voice and wise advice guiding me along. She has helped me clarify my thinking and set my career goals. Karen has pushed me to be smarter and encouraged me to work to fulfill my aspirations. She has helped me be as strategic in my career objectives as I am in my work life. I have recommended her services to friends and colleagues and would recommend her services to you. Thank you, Karen!

Rachel Stassen-Berger, Journalist and Political Commentator

Karen is incredibly smart, engaging, driven, and focused on helping me move forward in my career and professional development. She quickly assesses situations, shares insight on realities of what might be going on that I am not seeing – based on her experience, connected network, amazing knowledge of inner-workings of the local companies here in the Twin Cities (as well as some major national and international organizations). She motivates me to think differently, shares information about the industries I may not have thought about, yet would be good opportunities to use my skillsets.

She does not do the work for me, she helps me do my work, she guides me and shows me how to implement specific action plans based on the situation and my objectives. Karen is a priceless asset to me. I have leveraged Karen’s career coaching, insight and guidance for 2 career shifts.

Karen impressed me in the first 2 minutes of our very first meeting. Karen is quick to understand what the current situation is – and why I am seeking out her guidance. She quickly drives to actions – what type of work do I really enjoy, what gives me energy, does not hesitate to point out when there is a disconnect between what I might be saying I think I am interested in and what my body language might be reflecting. Karen is excellent at establishing a creative atmosphere to think outside of expected fields and companies and into possibilities where my skills and interests may be better suited. Her HR experience also gives her insight into what might really be going on with a situation at a company, and provides coaching on how to address the situations, whether it be for a growth strategy to a larger role within my current organization, what steps and how to take them to prep for promotional opportunities and how to ask for the roles, salary, change to a situation. Her very specific guidance, including how to approach, what to say, timing of meetings, and even the exact words or phrases to use, has helped me to successfully move forward above and around obstacles, whether real or artificial obstacles, to get where and what I need within an organization. She focuses on me as a whole person, not ‘how quick can we get you to a new role’, and does it with incredible efficiently. We accomplish more forward movement in one hour than one would think possible. Karen is well-connected and well-versed not only on companies within Minnesota, but also with major players across the U.S.

Jean Meister-Westermann

Working with Karen was a great choice. She helped validate my own thoughts and intuitions about how I should be engaging with my strengths in my chosen field—providing me with data about myself, and her own insights from decades of working in the field. I found her guidance so valuable that I recommend her to anyone who expresses frustration or concern about their career path. My wife and I agree that this was money very well spent.

Graham Martin, Attorney