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What to do when your company is in crisis?

Crisis can come in many shapes and forms for organizations.  Sometimes a company’s crisis is brought on by a leadership change, a cultural shift, an economic downturn in their target market or by a public relations scandal. So what are workers to do?  Sit tight and see if things stabilize or scramble to get your resume dusted more »

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Sept. 2, 2010 StarTribune: Employers hiring, they’re taking their time

After reading this article in today’s Strib, I couldn’t help but comment based on real life examples. At any given time I work with and meet dozens of job seekers every week and have a very close pulse on the movement within the local job market. Here is what I am seeing in the job more »

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“willing to relocate”……

…..are the words found in many job seekers resumes and cover letters, especially as job search have become longer than most job seekers had planned on. Job seekers have broadened their searches to include other job markets outside of the metro area. But does increasing your geographic target area increase your chances? Does saying “willing more »

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Outplacement

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article regarding the effectiveness of Outplacement. Outplacement is a service, paid for by an employer, to help their laid off workers prepare for job search. The benefit of this service is that it is of no cost to the individual and often provides them with help drafting a more »

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