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Career Transition

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You don’t have to enter into a job search alone. We meet you where you are and walk with you every step of the way providing you tools, resources, support and advice to enter the job market confidently and prepared to land that next opportunity.

Whether you are in a job contemplating a change, passively searching or in between jobs we help you create and implement a plan to competitively enter and navigate the current job market.

Recognizing that career transition and planning doesn’t just involve the professional we offer the opportunity to include spouses and family members in the discussion.

  • Clarify Objective and Direction
  • Establish and utilize metrics to chart your progress and course correct when needed
  • Establish a message for the marketplace
  • Develop Tools –
    • A Market Competitive Resume
    • A communication strategy for emails, cover letters, and outreach
    • Creative Portfolios that showcase your work
    • LinkedIn Profile to increase your online presence, build a network and attract prospective employers
  • Design a job search strategy and execute an effective and sustainable plan
  • Refine Skills –
    • Navigating the job market – understanding the nuances of job search
    • Networking from A-Z – what to say, when to whom
    • Interviewing – decoding the process and preparing and practicing your message
    • Video taped Interviewing practice and critique
    • Offer Negotiation

More and more today’s HR leaders want to give transitioning employees a choice in career transition services. Allowing an employee to choose the coach and program that best suits them and their goals puts the employee back in the driver’s seat ready to move forward.

When Human Resource Leaders are looking to provide employees with a different experience during transition they think of Cultivating Careers as a critical partner in helping employees enter and move through transition in a way that is centered around the employee and their needs during what is often a difficult time. As a valued outplacement partner, employers are comforted and confident knowing that employees are in good hands.


  • Provide 100% 1:1 career transition coaching and outplacement services
    • Clarify professional objective and direction
    • Assess skills, interests, values
    • Build Resume and LinkedIn profiles
    • Coach on strategies to navigate the job market
    • Teach networking skills and strategies
    • Develop a communication strategy
    • Practice presenting message in an interview
    • Provide tips on offer negotiation
  • Advise organizations on redeployment options
  • Provide pre-transition consulting for employers and employees

Karen Kodzik
President-Founder-Career Counselor

About the Founder

Karen Kodzik possesses a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Career Development demonstrating a career long commitment to helping people realize rewarding careers. She is uniquely qualified as a coach by coupling her formal training as a counselor and a solid business acumen gained as an HR insider for Fortune 500 corporations.

Karen is a popular and passionate trainer, presenter, author and speaker. Karen quickly and easily engages her audience, leaving them empowered and equipped for any career transition

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