Career Services supporting professionals in jobs and in between jobs, for both individuals and couples.

Job Search

  • Clarify Objective and Direction
  • Execute a Strategy – Establish an effective and sustainable┬áplan
  • Develop Tools – Resume, Cover letters, Portfolios, LinkedIn Profile
  • Refine Skills – Networking, Interviewing, Offer Negotiation, Navigating the job market
  • Video taped Interviewing practice and critique

Career Planning and Management

  • Professional assistance with career decision-making
  • Foster and engage a high value network
  • Assess skills, values, interests and life goals
  • Facilitate brainstorming and research of career options
  • Outline the steps which will best position you for the next role or opportunity
  • Understand your career options within your organization or within the labor market
  • Develop a plan to fill any skill gaps
  • Plan a graceful exit

Career Change

  • Assess transferable skills for a new industry or completely new career
  • Confirm values alignment between work and life
  • Evaluate interests
  • Brainstorm career options
  • Clarify a new career objective
  • Determine possible skill development or enhancement needs
  • Assess the return on investment of time and money for additional education

Professional and Executive Coaching

  • Navigate corporate culture
  • Proactively manage career path
  • Learn to “manage up”
  • Build internal advocates and champions
  • Manage change in role, boss and culture

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