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Recommended Reading

  • The 20 Minute Networking Meeting – Marcia Ballinger, Nathan Perez
  • Pathfinders – Nicolas Lore
  • I Don’t Know What I Want But I know It’s Not This – Julie Jensen
  • Do What You Are – Paul Tieger
  • The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People With To Many Passions to Pick One – Margaret Lobenstein
  • Working Identity – Herminca Ibarra
  • What Should I Do With My Life – Po Bronson
  • The Identity Code: 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your Purpose and Place in the World – Lawerence Ackerman
  • If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going: You’ll Probably End Up Somewhere Else – David Campbell
  • Knock ‘Em Dead With Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions – Martin John Yates
  • Resumes That Knock ‘Em Dead – Martin John Yates
  • The Inventurers: Excursions In Life And Career Renewal, Third Edition by Janet Hagberg and Richard J. Leider
  • What Color Is Your Parachute – Richard Bolles
  • Power of Purpose – Richard Leider
  • Repacking Your Bags – Richard Leider
  • Career Intelligence The 12 Rules for Work and Life Success- Barbara Moses
  • What’s Next – Barbara Moses
  • No More Mondays – Dan Miller