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Cultivating Careers Podcast

In 2011 my book Navigating Through Now What made its way into the hands of many professionals who were finding themselves at a career crossroad.  As they read stories of real-life people who approached various decision points within their lives and careers, they saw themselves as well as clues on how to find both clarity and direction during this time.

Now Navigating Through Now What has come to life in the Podcasts of live interviews with people who have successfully navigated various career and life crossroads.  Sit back and listen to their stories and know that as you approach your own career crossroad, you are not alone.

Recent Episodes

1507, 2019

Tim McNiff Podcast Interview – Family Factors Contribute to Career Decisions and his Boomerang Career

Long-time weekend anchor and now communications consultant, Tim McNiff talks about his boomerang career and how he has repackaged himself and his experience to adapt to the marketplace.

804, 2019

Podcast interview – Chris Coleman

Former St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman discusses his transition from public service leadership to nonprofit leadership, including his desire to search out opportunity that allowed him to have a direct impact on the community. Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity was the opportunity that allowed more than just talking about big things, but also the ability to do and build big things.

602, 2019

Podcast Interview – Karen Pavlicin-Fragnito

Life is full of defining moments—those experiences and relationships that change the course of the future. Wife of a military veteran who later lost his battle with cancer, Karen Pavlicin-Fragnito is no stranger to adversity. With a strong sense of purpose, she pursued her calling, transitioning from marketing to build Elva Resa Publishing, where her writing serves military families of those deployed. With a focus on intentionality in where she is now and where she wants to go, Karen talks about how she maintains alignment with her [...]

1412, 2018

Podcast Interview Leo Lewis

The best career management strategy is being open to and creating options for yourself so that no matter what happens in your career or job you have a well thought out "Plan B".  This is exactly what Leo Lewis did.  Leo did not get lulled by his success as a professional football player.  He always stayed curious about options which carved the path to the next stages in his career and to where he is today. About Leo: Leo E. Lewis III is currently Principal of Lewis [...]

1508, 2018

Podcast Interview – Anne Pryor

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create, build and shape a career that not only utilizes your skills and strengths but also feeds your passion? Portfolio careers often provide that path for people. Anne Pryor talks about how her portfolio career began as a freedom plan and how it allows her to coach, connect and inspire others. Learn how she moved from a traditional career path to forging her own path with multiple branches.

1107, 2018

Podcast Interview with David Bruns

Career paths are rarely a straight line, David Bruns' career is no exception. Listen to the twists and turns this well published speculative fiction author's career has taken and what ties it all together. David Bruns' profile used to be filled with buzzwords like “leadership,” “sales & .service channels,” “field operations” and “competitive differentiator.” For almost two decades, he revelled in the challenges of corporate life. He was good at his job, until, one day, it just wasn’t fun anymore.