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Navigate Now – Coaching Support

Planning is afforded to those who have the gift of time.  The Global Pandemic however, made time stand still and the future uncertain.  Plans were shelved.  Individuals, families, communities, workers and employers as a whole had to flip into survive mode and learn quickly how to navigate and adjust to the moment at hand.

Learning how to navigate the now moments will be required of one and all moving forward.  Now moments are the real time situations and crossroads people and professionals face every day at work and in life.

Having access to coaching support in those moments provides perspective, insights and short-term strategies to move forward.  It provides a bridge to the time when once again future planning can be resumed.

call us if you need coaching support or help navigating your “now moment”.


Navigating Through Now What – Book

You were expected to know what you wanted to do in life, but how many times have you changed careers? Many people will find themselves at a critical crossroad or decision point in their careers more than once.

The majority of people will ask themselves at some point in their careers, “now what?”

Navigating Through “Now What?” shows these crossroads are a common part of the human experience and don’t need to come as a surprise. By understanding yourself and your options, you can approach career crossroads without fear.

This book is a quick and engaging read and includes stories based on real-life scenarios. You’ll see how various career crossroads were approached and navigated. You’ll come away comforted, knowing you aren’t the only one facing painstaking career decisions.

Navigating Through “Now What?” offers you the tools you need to feel empowered to move through any career crossroad with confidence. Your journey to the rest of your life begins with this book.


Print – $12.95
PDF – $9.95

Navigate Now – Vid Clip Tips for Individuals

These short clips were developed to help people navigate the various “now moments” during the pandemic. Many viewers have told us that the tips, insights and inspiration offered in these clips easily transcend time.