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Podcast Interview – Beth LaBreche

Listen to how this successful PR agency executive and entrepreneur arranges the pieces of her career to stay focused on what she loves to do while moving from business owner through job search to corporate communications leader to the next chapter in her career. Beth shares lessons learned along each step along the way.

Podcast Interview – Beth LaBreche 2018-11-08T17:38:54+00:00

Podcast Interview – Anne Pryor

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create, build and shape a career that not only utilizes your skills and strengths but also feeds your passion? Portfolio careers often provide that path for people. Anne Pryor talks about how her portfolio career began as a freedom plan and how it allows her to coach, connect and inspire others. Learn how she moved from a traditional career path to forging her own path with multiple branches.

Podcast Interview – Anne Pryor 2018-08-26T16:05:17+00:00

Podcast Interview with David Bruns

Career paths are rarely a straight line, David Bruns' career is no exception. Listen to the twists and turns this well published speculative fiction author's career has taken and what ties it all together. David Bruns' profile used to be filled with buzzwords like “leadership,” “sales & .service channels,” “field operations” and “competitive differentiator.” For almost two decades, he revelled in the challenges of corporate life. He was good at his job, until, one day, it just wasn’t fun anymore.

Podcast Interview with David Bruns 2018-07-24T17:52:59+00:00