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The Time Factor: Friend or Foe

It continues to amaze me how quickly time flies in the second half of our lives  as recollection of events are in decades not just years, and how slowly it goes on the front half of life as things like  – obtaining a driver’s license, being old enough to… (date, drink, vote, ?), waiting to […]

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The “Dragnet” Factor

At the risk of dating myself I couldn’t resist referencing the 1960’s sitcom about a pair of detectives, led by the infamous Joe Friday who sought tirelessly to obtain “just the facts”.
Data driven facts are essential to any career decision.  Too often I see job seekers and career changers prematurely eliminate options based on speculation, […]

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Navigating The Interview Process – #1 The Prescreen

Landing an interview, especially when search has gone on longer than you had hoped or planned for, is certainly exciting.  Months of hard work, dozens of applications, and tireless networking meetings have now paid off, you’ve gotten “the call”.  Understanding how to navigate the interviewing process is essential in making it through all the steps along […]

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Emotional Fatigue

Whether you are in a job or in between jobs there is an undeniable force that professionals find themself reckoning with more and more as their careers progress.  I see this begin to creep in sometimes as early as the late 30’s but more typically it becomes more pronounced as people enter into their mid 40’s […]

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A Job Seekers Worst Enemy

Ask any job seeker who is their biggest foe in job search is and the majority would say Human Resources who don’t return calls, acknowledge applications or post jobs with seemingly impossible requirements.
But truth be told a job seekers worst enemy is themselves and it’s because of what’s called Defensive Pessimism.  Defensive Pessimism is a defense […]

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