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Hiring During the Holidays

It is a longstanding popular belief that “no one hires over the holidays”, which prompts many job seekers to kick back and coast until the new year. As we look to Thanksgiving next week, going into the holiday season with a good job search plan so that you come into the new year with momentum [...]

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When You Fall Out of Favor at Work

There is a certain high that comes with being “a favorite”, being in the “in crowd”, being a “chosen one”, being in the “inner circle”.  For the lucky select few who have had this experience their professional life seems easy, doors are open readily, opportunities abound, they’re on the fast track and have been classified as [...]

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Tips for Family Members of Job Seekers

There is no doubt about it, for professionals in job transition job search is tough, frustrating and seemingly endless.  Much is written about riding the emotional rollercoaster for the job seeker.  But what is often overlooked is the family members reaction and role in job search.
In speaking with family members of job seekers, they often [...]

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6 Things Never to Ask in an Interview

It’s fairly common knowledge that part of preparing for an interview is preparing questions to ask the prospective employer.  These questions should be thoughtful, related to the job and nothing you could easily find about the employer on the web.
Here are examples of actual questions asked by candidates that quickly became show stoppers.
1. What does [...]

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Do Dream Jobs Really Exist?

Many people will admit that they have caught themselves daydreaming during work hours, dreaming of something else, of something different.  A job where they feel fulfilled, valued, excited to go to on Monday mornings.  A job that brings out the best of them and they bring the best of themselves to.  A job that sustains their life [...]

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