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The Value of Candor at Work

Why is it that the connotation for candor has become synonymous with confrontation,  crassness and carelessness?  Direct, open, honest and timely conversations have seem to lost their place, especially in the workplace. People have come to rely on telepathic communication, implications or assumptions that others “should” know what we want or need.  Because it may be uncomfortable to say [...]

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No More One and Done Networking Meetings

Networking can be difficult and even daunting. It requires courage, a crisp message and a game plan to truly make the most out of a networking conversation. Even for those who ambitiously tackle the task, the outcomes can be spotty. People work so hard to muster the courage to reach out to others when it [...]

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Knowing when it’s time to go

Generally speaking, loyalty to a job, an employer, to an employee is a good thing.  However I’d argue that it doesn’t hold the same value as it once did when the employee/ employer relationship lasted for decades.  For reasons tied to a global marketplace, economic drivers and health care costs employers have come to value [...]

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Avoid a 6 week stall in job search

We are officially in the holiday season, the most vulnerable time of the year for job seekers.  Job searches often lose the most traction during this time of year.  Here are the common derailers and how to prevent them from stalling your job search.
1. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season starts to distract [...]

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What to do when there are rumors of layoffs

There is nothing more unsettling to a workforce then rumors of lay offs.  It is not uncommon that as we approach year end, companies need to consider downsizing if the year hasn’t gone as well as planned or in preparation for changes in the upcoming year.  So what can an employee do?  Many will say it’s time to lay [...]

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