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The 2016 Job Market – Predictions and Possibilities

As a Career Consultant and Coach I generally try stay out of the prognostication arena however the question I am asked the most is “how is the job market?”.  So in the spirit of the new year here are some thoughts about what we can expect in the new year based on what we have […]

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Are you an annoying networker?

As we enter this season of  gatherings there will be many opportunities to connect with new people and reconnect with old friends.  Those in job transition or on the cusp of a job change are ready to make the most of those connections by putting their best networking foot forward.  Making the most of the […]

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Career Challenges for Transplants

Whether you have lived in MN all your life or are new to the Twin Cities this article is for you.  At the root of business regardless of sector, service or product is relationships.  So it is no surprise that a key to career success is relationships.
Whether you are navigating relationships at work or building […]

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Is the favorable job market favorable for “all” job seekers?

You can almost hear a universal sigh of relief in the air.  We made it, passed the worse recession in decades, into a summer of a booming job market.  All the economic data suggests times are good and jobs are out there for anyone who wants one.
Yet at the  risk of sounding like a “Debbie […]

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Job Search and Summer time

For anyone in the throes of a job search, despite the declining unemployment numbers, there is an underlying anxiousness to quickly move onto the next opportunity.  The uncertainty and lack of structure quietly grated on job seekers and families alike.  Adding to this is the internal struggle that comes specifically to job seekers in the summer.
Summer time in […]

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