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Why Networking is so Difficult

No one likes to network and many actually dread it.  Networking is however a necessity for any professional regardless of your employment status.  I coach about the importance of networking and the “how to’s” almost daily in my practice.  I speak on the topic, have written articles and am even a big proponent of the more »

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How to Explain a Short Term Job on the Resume

In this Sunday’s Star Tribune I commented on a question from a reader seeking advise on if they could omit a short-term job on their resume. It’s a common question many job seekers ask.  Basically there are 2 places a job seeker face this dilemma: 1 on the resume, and 1 on application. On a resume if more »

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Avoid Getting Lost on LinkedIn

Over the years LinkedIn has grown to be an essential tool for any and all professionals whether they are in jobs or in between jobs.  It has become a vehicle for one to build and engage a professional network as well as a must for those looking for a new job.  I have a great appreciation more »

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Taking the First Job that is Offered – Pros and Cons

I often see job seekers grapple with the decision of taking the first job offered or rolling the dice to see if there is a better one out there. At the heart of the issue lies the question; is the first job offer going to be the best?  The quick and simple question is: it depends. more »

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Surround Yourself with Rockstars and Watch Your Career Soar

  I am honored to present this topic Jan. 29 at the St. Kate’s Leadership Conference where I’m looking forward to discussing the roles mentors, advocates and ambassadors play in our career. Initially we will discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with people who not only support you professionally but also lift you up, stretch you, challenge you, more »

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