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Building Champions: Unlocking Success in Your Career

In the journey of our careers, champions play pivotal roles in our success. These individuals are more than just mentors; they actively open doors and promote our value. Recognizing and nurturing these relationships can propel your career in ways you might not have imagined. Discover how to identify, appreciate, and cultivate your champions, and consider how you can become a champion for others, fostering a legacy of mutual support and success.

How to Regain Confidence After Coming in Second Place for a Role

Being a finalist but not the chosen one is disheartening and deflating. It throws you back to ground zero in your search. You might find yourself questioning your abilities, replaying the interview in your mind, and wondering what went wrong. This is a universal part of the job search process, and it's important to plan how you'll move forward after rejection, while also building the confidence to move forward.

What to do when job search feels unfair & unkind

Whether spurred by a desire for growth, a change of scenery, or unforeseen circumstances, embarking on a job search is a journey that demands resilience and self-awareness. Approach the process from a place of strength and centeredness, leveraging the power of networking to inject humanity back into your job search journey. Remember, amidst the challenges, your value as a professional remains steadfast.

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