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Winning the Executive Interview

Congratulations you have made it through the prescreen, and perhaps even the exhaustive pre-screening profile.  You may have met many members of the leadership team as well as your team of directs and even board members.  Now you are a finalist! Marcia Ballinger in her newly released book Winning the Executive Interview offers solid counsel more »

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How Long is Too Long?

The days of the 25 year tenure at a company are behind us.  Yet jumping from job to job is also not advisable.  So how long is too long to stay at an organization before it starts to negatively effect your career plans, or candidacy as a job seeker? To answer that question you have more »

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Leaving a Job You Love

Many of the professionals I work with come because they are stuck, frustrated, bored and are in jobs or organizations that they quite frankly hate.  Occasionally I work with professionals who mostly just want something more or something else.  But sometimes, people come because they have lost or circumstances are forcing them to leave a job more »

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Texting: Job Search Strategy or Misstep

Given this day and age of mobile access, using our mobile devices to access information and people, it is a good time to talk about the roll is plays in job search. Obtaining the name of a key networking contact, recruiter or hiring manager is gold. Obtaining their direct email, phone number or cell number is platinum! more »

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What to do when your company is in crisis?

Crisis can come in many shapes and forms for organizations.  Sometimes a company’s crisis is brought on by a leadership change, a cultural shift, an economic downturn in their target market or by a public relations scandal. So what are workers to do?  Sit tight and see if things stabilize or scramble to get your resume dusted more »

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