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How to tend and care for your career in uncertain times

Your career requires constant care and attention, even in these uncertain times. Everything is in limbo. Companies don’t know when they are bringing employees back or what the workplace of the future will look like. There are questions about whether a job will continue to exist or evolve to meet the new and changing needs of the business. Work simply looks different.

The pandemic isn’t the only unknown. The state of the economy, an upcoming election and the future of the country create more questions than they answer. Work no longer feels like a much-needed respite from uncertainty, but a reminder of the chaos of the world.

Whether your job is requiring 110% of you or you are feeling sidelined waiting for things to pick up, you can still tend and care for your career and future. Here are three considerations for caring for your career during these uncertain times.

1. Think more broadly. Don’t get confused by the chaos of the moment. Instead, give yourself time to think more broadly about your career and your options. Don’t lose sight of the fact that this moment, this pandemic, is temporary (even if it doesn’t feel that way right now). While the future might be a bit more uncertain, thinking more broadly about your job, your role and your options can be empowering and provides an escape from feelings of chaos and a general lack of control.

2. Keep your mentors close. While these relationships might look and feel different, there is still a need for open dialogue about how to manage your current situation, or brainstorm about the future. Staying in touch with your mentors provides a necessary sounding board in these uncertain times because sometimes you just need someone to listen who is equally committed to your success.

3. Care for your network. Now is a great time to build and foster your external network. Regardless of what happens in this moment, it is always easier to maintain than grow in a time of need. This pandemic isn’t an excuse to put these relationships on hold because the experience of networking looks different. Instead, take this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, connect and reconnect, and find common ground… because everyone is going through these uncertain times together.

While the world and work look a bit different today, tending and caring for your career remains important and necessary. Remember the pandemic is temporary, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Taking steps to think more broadly and differently, stay in touch with your mentors, and maintain and grow your network will continue to serve you during these unprecedented times and beyond.


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