When Dream Jobs Take a Turn: How to Move Forward with Pam Borton

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When Dream Jobs Take a Turn: How to Move Forward with Pam Borton

From coaching on the court at the University of Minnesota to now coaching executives in the board room, Pam Borton experienced a very public and unexpected exit from her role as head women’s basketball coach. She remained visible and resilient, relying on her work ethic to follow a new dream. Throughout the process, she stayed true to herself and trusted the process while also putting in the work to grow a business she is passionate about.

For Borton, her transition into executive coaching, role as an author and founder of the nonprofit, Team Women, is truly a dream. From business partners who are also her best friends, doing something each day that doesn’t feel like work, meeting amazing people and working across industries, she exemplifies the impact of hard work, determination and ambition when it comes to winning both personally and professionally.

Pam Borton is a renowned expert on developing high performing leaders and teams. As the President and CEO of Borton Partners, Pam provides elite senior executive coaching to clients and delivers inspirational and dynamic keynote presentations on leadership  and peak performance topics for organizations nationally and internationally.

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