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“Be Thankful” You Have a Job

During a tight labor market or recession when jobs are harder to come by it is not uncommon for an employee to be told by their employer they should be lucky to have a job. But no matter what the economic climate, this is not how any employee wants to be treated. It makes it difficult to inquire about development or advancement opportunities. The employee has less leverage to negotiate because he or she has been told they should feel grateful for the job situation they have.

Ironically the employer employee dynamic shifts in times of economic growth. Today, there is no question that the job market is booming. With new jobs being created daily and unemployment at an all-time low, employers are grappling for talent.  Job seekers presently hold the upper hand and can select an employer where they feel more appreciated and have more opportunities.

Frankly, it is bad for business when either the employee and employers feel undervalued and taken for granted. It is important that employers and employees understand that employment, whether in times of recession or economic growth, is a relationship. Ensuring the longevity of any relationship requires a commitment to respect and an understanding that the relationship be mutually beneficial, serving all parties involved. It is through mutual appreciation and respect the spirit of gratitude thrives it is not something to be leveraged.

Great employees want to work for great employers. Business succeeds when employees are engaged.  Employee engagement begins with a relationship based on respect and gratitude.


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