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Podcast Interview – Anne Pryor

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create, build and shape a career that not only utilizes your skills and strengths but also feeds your passion?  Portfolio careers often provide that path for people.  Anne Pryor talks about how her portfolio career began as a freedom plan and how it allows her to coach, connect and inspire others.  Learn how she’s done it.

ABOUT:  Anne Pryor is known as a master connector, she lives a Portfolio Career Life Nationally recognized Top LinkedIn Expert, certified Online Visibility Strategist, Thought Leader Coach, Future Mapper and Lovitude™ Soul Painter; she specializes in coaching, speaking and training clients to unearth their thought leadership to Look Great, Be Found, Get Known and to Make Meaningful connections online and off. Anne has trained more than 100,000 people and written more than 10,000 LinkedIn profiles for success. As a former executive at Carlson Marketing, she served as Sr. Director of Wellness and Innovation where she designed solutions for Fortune 500 clients. The solution that she visioned and led the creation of was sold to Steve Case, former AOL founder.

Not only is Anne a leading LinkedIn Trainer, Visionary Future Mapper, Inspiring Speaker she was the first employee to open Mall of America’s Knott’s Camp Snoopy (where she worked with Charles Schulz and his team), she also directed sales and marketing for Valleyfair and Lifetouch Portrait Studios (JCPenney and Target studios).

Anne’ Lovitude™ Soul Paintings are featured on products, in homes and galleries nationally. She is featured in numerous books and is frequently tapped as a sought-after speaker for her universal meaningful connection approach which begins with her philosophy: what happens to you happens to me; we are here to do our greatest good and we need each other to do so.

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