What to do when your company is in crisis?

Crisis can come in many shapes and forms for organizations.  Sometimes a company’s crisis is brought on by a leadership change, a cultural shift, an economic downturn in their target market or by a public relations scandal.

So what are workers to do?  Sit tight and see if things stabilize or scramble to get your resume dusted off?  This is a tough spot to be in not to mention stressful with all the unknowns lingering in the air.

For some bolting quickly is their first inclination.  But this is just running from something not running to something.  It often puts you in the position of job searching from a place of desperation and therefore not presenting well as a job seeker or a desirable candidate.

Others may sit tight saying to themselves “the grass is never greener.”  These people run the risk of acclimating to a toxic work situation that ultimately affects their health and wellbeing.

The best approach when your company faces a crisis is to step back and ask yourself the following.

  1. How long am I willing to wait for things to change or improve?
  2. What does improvement look like?  How can I measure it?
  3. Will change bring opportunity?
  4. What’s values I am unwilling to compromise?
  5. What pieces do I have control over?

Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the eye of the storm during a company crisis.  Using this method will allow you to approach this time more objectively and in a way that puts you in the drivers seat.

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