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Understanding Unemployment Benefits

Accessing unemployment benefits from the State of MN can often be confusing.  So I’ve decided to debunk some common misconceptions and stumbling blocks people encounter when trying to access  State unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefits pertains to the money awarded.  However there are also programs available to displaced workers.  As soon as you are laid off you can apply for and access unemployment benefits in terms of programs.  They provide classes, workshops and job search counselors all of which are available to you as part of your benefit.  The money you are eligible for as part of your unemployment benefits is determined by the average amount of your earnings over a past number of quarters up to a weekly cap which is around $500 per week.  If you received a severance from your past employer that amount needs to be exhausted before you will receive money from the State, in other words no double dipping.  You do not need to wait until you exhaust your severance to access unemployment programs, workshops and classes.

The Dislocated Workers program, a part of your unemployment benefits, has funds available for skill enhancement and retraining.  Each dislocated workers counselor has a budget to allocate as they see fit the amount of dollars per person.  Keep in mind the State of MN fiscal year runs July 1 – June 30 so there is more monies available at the first part of the fiscal year.

http://uimn.org/uimn/applicants is the website to go for more information and to get started.  Good luck.


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