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Pros and Cons of Taking the Summer off from Job Search

This is a tough decision for many people who find themselves in job transition during the summer months.  Minnesotans especially celebrate summer unlike any other state in the nation.  We endure long winters just knowing that summer is coming.  Cabins, vacations, graduations and gardening await.  It is a time to refresh and renew. But it also poses a dilemma for those in job transition.  With unemployment and dwindling bank accounts looming it’s tough to justify being idle over the summer.  However job search ranks low on the fun scale compared to summer activities.  People are quick to justify that they deserve the summer off.  So here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to take the summer off from job search.


– It is a time to heal from the stress of losing a job and leaving a job situation which may have been toxic for a long time.

– It is a time to assess through self discovery what makes sense for the next step in your career without just jumping into the “same old”.

– It allows you to give time back to kids and family who have often gotten shorted of your time, energy and attention during hectic work times.


– You lose 3 months of time which will extend your overall job search.

– You increase your stress regarding finances given that you will not be earning any money during this time.  Unemployment benefits are not the same as earnings.

– You lose structure in your daily life which can be an unnerving feeling.

– You can lose touch with your network.

If you decide to take the summer off, look at it as an investment.  You are investing time and earnings in order to take time for yourself and family.  With any investment there are benefits and risks. If you elect to take the summer off it has to be consciously and without regret.

For those who are ready to jump into a job search, summer is a great time to get your game plan and tools set for job search.  Get your resume and LinkedIn profile done.  Identify the people in your network.  Lay out your job search strategy.  So when September comes and the market picks up you are ready to roll.

Have a Great Summer



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Cultivating Careers was founded by Karen Kodzik, a Career Consultant who has worked with individuals in transition for over 13 years. Karen meets professionals at various points on their career path and works with them to gain a clearer sense of where they want to take their careers. Karen Kodzik holds a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Career Development. Karen couples seasoned counseling skills with a solid business acumen. She has coached and consulted various levels of professionals across industries to successfully reaching that next point in their career.