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Top 5 Things To Do To Get a Better Job in 2013

1. Be clear and focused about what jobs you want.  Don’t just automatically default to what is familiar and / or available.  Do some self assessment to determine what jobs will be the best fit and be the most fulfilling at this stage in your career. Be selective.
2. Make sure your message is crafted in a way that clearly communicates what you want and can offer the employer.  Once you determine what type of job you want to pursue, be sure you can clearly communicate what that job is to others so that they know exactly what you are looking for and what sets you apart from others.
3. Be consistent with your message on your resume, online and in the interview.  This is about staying true to your message, keeping it clear, concise, crisp and consistent.  Messages that are too vague or too broad will not help you reach your objective, they just confuse your audience.
4. Approach your search purposefully and with a plan.  Job changes and career changes are no small undertaking.  To do it well requires a plan to ensure you reach your goal.  People that approach this process haphazardly or dabble find themselves spinning their wheels for a long time and becoming frustrated with the lack of progress.
5. Be positive, be engaging, build advocates.  Being positive engages others and makes them feel more comfortable helping you connect to other people and other opportunities.



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