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What To Do When The Job Market Sends Mixed Messages

The national unemployment numbers that came out this week were disappointing to job seekers, politicians and Wall Street alike.  However on a local level, here in the Twin Cities, even long term job seekers are seeing an uptick in the job market and in hiring.  But these same job seekers are also seeing reports on the news about lay offs at some of the Twin Cities biggest and well known companies.  So what is going on?  Is it a good job market or not and what this mean if you are job searching?

Rest assured despite what is happening on a national level, the job market here in the Twin Cities is showing the most promise we have seen in years.  People are landing jobs.  Those jobs are both being created by employers with a renewed sense of confidence in the market and their future, and becoming available because existing workers are leaving them for other job opportunities.  Even companies laying off workers off are often simultaneously hiring workers, just those with a different skill sets.

So whether you are in transition or in a job starting to “look”, now is the time make sure your resumes are buffed and polished, your interview suit is clean and pressed, your network is engaged and you are ready because there are opportunities to be had……..despite what you hear and see in the news.


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