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Summertime Job Search Challenges

Good news – summer is here and for job seekers that comes with some challenges.  Though the job market is picking up and there are more opportunities to be had, the overall hiring process slows down due to vacations and holidays as employers try to assemble their interview teams and keep the process moving forward amidst summer interruptions.  Secondly with kids home from school, there are more interruptions at home for the job seeker who now needs to compete for computer time and has become nanny and chauffeur.  Job seekers tell me it is a mix blessing because on one hand it is valuable time with family, on the other hand it is difficult to focus on the job search.  Lastly job seekers are tempted to stall job search efforts all together to just enjoy the summer.  What results is 90 days of momentum lost and panic come Labor Day.

Here are some tips to both enjoy summer without losing job search momentum.  Set weekly goals for yourself that include applying for jobs and networking.  Once those goals are accomplished wrap up the week and enjoy summer.  Work on job search Mon-Thurs. and take Friday off.  This way you won’t be resentful of missing out on summer.  Employ a nanny, at least half time, so that you can focus on job search without interruptions.  Lastly in the event you elect to take the summer off, know that it is an investment in a healthier, more well rested you that will be ready to hit the pavement wholeheartedly this Fall, without guilt and regret.


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