When Is It Time To Quit?

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When Is It Time To Quit?

Quiting a job, especially without having another job in hand can be frightening and seem impossible given our various financial obligations.  But there comes a time when enough is enough and the trade off of staying in a poor work situation outweigh leaving.  Many people would argue that they can’t leave, I often argue that there are always options.  If a work environment has become toxic or abusive or you are starting to feel the cumulative effects of stress, it is time to take pause and pay attention.  If you find that you dread Sunday nights or you are so burnt out and tired that your off time is spent strictly recovering, it is time to consider other options.  Ask yourself are you willing to trade health, well being, family and relationships for a poor work situation?  Is the pay check worth these trade offs?  Remember there are other jobs.  People will stick with toxic jobs,  the “devil they know” even if they know it is killing them.  I say you don’t have to.  The job market is improving, there are other options.  The first step can be scary and often people don’t even know where to start.  They may think, who has time to job search when my current job is sucking all my time and energy?  The secret is first to believe that better jobs exists, second is to create a plan that acts as your exit plan and road map to something new, and lastly use an objective professional to provide support and help you stay on track.


About the Author:

Cultivating Careers was founded by Karen Kodzik, a Career Consultant who has worked with individuals in transition for over 13 years. Karen meets professionals at various points on their career path and works with them to gain a clearer sense of where they want to take their careers. Karen Kodzik holds a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Career Development. Karen couples seasoned counseling skills with a solid business acumen. She has coached and consulted various levels of professionals across industries to successfully reaching that next point in their career.