What makes a company one of the “best places to work”?

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What makes a company one of the “best places to work”?

What makes a company one of the “best places to work”?  The short answer is  – it depends on who you ask.

There has been an interesting collaboration lately between marketing, talent acquisition and the human resources departments inside organizations around the topic of employer branding.  Employer branding is about how an employer wants to be known in the job market or community.  It is also about which qualities, features and benefits they highlight about themselves to be an employer of choice for job seekers, candidates and top talent.  Being known as one of the best places to work definitely helps to attract talent.

But when we peel the layers back there are specific things existing and prospective employees consider in determining if the organization rightfully qualifies as a  “best place to work”.   It boils down to company culture, cohorts and conduct.  Employees want to feel positive about the environment in which they work, the people they work with and for and the things an organization does to bolster their success.

Often when you ask individual employees what makes a company a “best place to work”, they will often say that it is the employers that actively help them develop, plan and manage their careers that rise to the top of the list as “best places to work.


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