3 Things Job Seekers Scramble to Pull Together at the Last Minute

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3 Things Job Seekers Scramble to Pull Together at the Last Minute

So you think you have all your ducks in a row and you are ready to hit the job market.  After many arduous hours your resume is finally done, your references are collected and contacted and you have even gotten some business cards for networking.  But too often there are a few other things that come up and can potentially delay job searches.

One is a sample of your work, It may be a sample report, product design, strategic plan or even a writing sample.  Be sure it does not contain any proprietary information from your former employer, but these are things prospective employers sometimes ask for as part of the application and interview process and unless you have these things on hand you may find yourself scrambling for these the day before an interview.

Another thing job seekers want to make sure is in order is their credit report.  Credit reports have become a common part of background checks so it is a good idea to make sure yours is in order and accurately reflects your activity so that it does not become a deal breaker at time of  job offer.

Lastly, don’t find yourself scrambling to pull your interview “suit” together at the last minute.  If you have not interviewed in a while or had a job that required you to wear business attire scan your closet early in your job search to make sure you have interview attire that is clean, fits and is in style.  The night before an interview is not when you want to be running to the department store for a new shirt or blouse.

These may be little things but pulling these things together early in your job search will certainly help you feel better prepared.


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