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Mid Summer Hiring Pause

A hiring pause is a slight slow down in hiring and sourcing activity by employers.  The words alone, “hiring pause’ can often send a wave of panic through the masses of unemployed that are in fear of a double dip recession.  But this mid summer pause is almost to be expected on a few fronts.  One we are approaching the end of the second Quarter for many companies.  It is a time companies step back and assess if they are on track with plan, meaning on track with earnings as well as spending, so they may slow down hiring activity until the numbers are in.  Secondly summertime is a time of vacations, meaning that those doing the interviewing and hiring are less available, therefore slowing down the hiring process.

Overall since the beginning of the year the hiring trend has been positive in terms of number of people landing, number of  jobs available and even the number of networking conversations companies are willing to have.  It is also important to remember that some job seekers take summer off from searching to enjoy summer and time with family.  What this means for other job seekers is that there is less competition.

So don’t let the mid-summer hiring pause alarm you.  Know that it is typical business behavior.  The key is to stay focused and productive and not to lose momentum during the summer months.


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