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Managing the “Fit Factor”

More times than not it isn’t your resume that gets you the job, it is whether you have chemistry with that prospective employer.  Sure the resume or better yet a networking contact may land you that initial interview but what moves you from candidate to finalist status is chemistry and fit.  

It is easy to prepare for an interview by practicing answers to anticipated questions but how do you manage the fit factor?  Fit includes many things like how you gel with your future team mates.  It also includes how your values may align with the mission of the company.  It also could be if you share similar interests or background with the hiring manager.  But when push comes to shove it comes down to if the hiring manager likes you. 

 Getting a hiring manager to “like” you is about making them feel comfortable around you.  Having them see you as part of the team or part of the solution.  It is about being genuine and not over rehearsed.  It is about being engaging all the way down to your smile, hand shake and open posture.  Ask your self – am I presenting my self as someone desireable to be around, or am I tired, bitter or desperate?  Think back to your lay off, those that kept their jobs through the lay off aren’t often the best or smartest, they are often those most liked.

It is amazing how many “must have” job requirements become negotiable when a prospective employer likes you.


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