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Quality over Quantity When it Comes to Networking

Yesterday was an above average networking day for me.  In one networking conversation I had I was asked how many LinkedIn connections I had.  I explained that the quality of my network was more important to me then the quantity.  I want to know that the people in my network know what I do and need from a business perspective and I want to know the same about them.  I want to know that everyone of my LinkedIn contacts will return a call or email from me or from someone I connect them with.  I want to know that these network connections are equally invested in the process of networking at all times not just when they need something.  

Ironically during my evening networking event I bumped into someone who invited me to be in his network on LinkedIn.  At that time I was happy to accept his invitation.  When I approached him, he looked at me somewhat quizically, trying to quickly place me.  He was courteous and said hello however when I walked away I wondered is he really a quality connection? If he can’t even recognize me in person, would he openly respond to a call or email from me?  I guess the lesson learned for me was realizing that my network needs to be constantly assessed for quality if I am going to rely on it over time and in the long run.


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