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It’s Time for Employers to Retool

It seems like a double message.  On one hand the economy and job market are said to be improving however over the past few weeks a few major employers in the Twin Cities market have announced lay offs effecting thousands of workers.  One would think that major lay offs would have already happened.  Some may ask, “who is left to lay off”?

What is occuring is companies are retooling.  They have assessed what they need to do as a business to recover from the recession.  And this means re-evaluating goals, objectives and the talentneeded to meet those objectives.  Many employers realize they need to retool.  It isn’t about eliminating jobs it is about re-purposing jobs.  Re-purposing a job is taking an existing FTE and changing it into a different role, often requiring different skills and qualifications.  Because the role can be dramatically different the existing employee is no longer qualified and therefore gets laid off.

In order to compete in the recovering economy employers will be looking for a different kind of talent and skills to get them there.  So instead of the news of lay offs being discouraging, it actually presents an opportunity for other job seekers who may be better equipped and qualified.


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