Out of the job market for 6 years

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Out of the job market for 6 years

Lindsay decided to stay home and raise their kids, but now they are off to school.  Now what?

Read her story in the soon to be released book Navigating Through “Now What?” to see how she faced this career decision, sorted through options, overcame barriers and moved forward.


About the Author:

Cultivating Careers was founded by Karen Kodzik, a Career Consultant who has worked with individuals in transition for over 13 years. Karen meets professionals at various points on their career path and works with them to gain a clearer sense of where they want to take their careers. Karen Kodzik holds a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Career Development. Karen couples seasoned counseling skills with a solid business acumen. She has coached and consulted various levels of professionals across industries to successfully reaching that next point in their career.