23% of job seekers admit they have or would lie in an interview

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23% of job seekers admit they have or would lie in an interview

When this stat was sent to me as a result of a poll conducted by Vault.com I had mixed emotions. On one hand it is not hard to believe given the desparation of some job seekers to do just about anything to land. On theother hand I hear these same job seekers complain about the lack of integrity they witness in the overall hiring process. I never suggest to a client to lie regardless of the circumstance. Too often those lies come back around to haunt you. Prospective employers will have much more respect for you if you are honest and forthcoming. Many say that mutual respect has gotten lost in the hiring process and I can understand why job seekers feel that way but if they don’t take the high road nothing good can come of it. Interestingly, this statistic also suggests that 8 out 10 job seekers are truthful. This is encouraging because I am sure there is alot of temptation to “over sell” oneself. But remember in the end the objective is to land a job you want and have a good chance to be successful at and that starts with being truthful about your background and abilities.


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