Employers are requiring more interviews before making a decision

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Employers are requiring more interviews before making a decision

In this current economy where there are still lots of candidates to choose from it seems odd that employers are having them go through multiple interviews in the selection process. You’d think that employers would be anxious to get new people on board quickly. But there are a few factors coming into play which is extending the hiring process.

One is employer confidence in the economy. Employers want to be sure that business will continue on a positve trend before committing to a full time permanent hire.

Second is the fact that employers aren’t exactly sure what they are looking for so they require many people within the organization to chime in on their impressions of the candidates.

Third is the fact that companies are creating jobs that require a hybrid of skills never before seen in the market. So they bring in many candidates to benchmark talent in the market and assess available skill sets.

All this boils down to frustrated job seekers who have to endure multiple interviews that not only do not result in a job offer but sometimes in the job being pulled completely. I have heard of situations where the job seeker went in for over a dozen interviews for a job that ultimately got tabled until next year.

So my advice to job seekers is hang in there, know that this process is far from perfect and know what you need to do to ride the emotional waves of it without getting wiped out.


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