3 key things to do when you receive a verbal offer

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3 key things to do when you receive a verbal offer

When that call finally comes from the company you just spent weeks interviewing with there are 3 things to be prepared to ask them when that verbal offer is made.

First and foremost try to avoid negotiating on the spot. You want to see the complete offer with all the details before countering or going into any negotiations. So the first question to ask when the verbal offer is made is; when will you be receiving the complete offer in writing. Job offers are more than just base salary. You want to know the other details like bonus eligibility, vacation and benefits as well.

Secondly ask who can talk to in the event you have questions after reviewing the written offer. This tells you who you will be negotiating with. Whenever possible negotiate with the hiring manager, they are the ones with the business need and the budget.

Lastly ask when do they need a decision by. This tells you how much time you have to review the written offer and formulate a negotiation strategy. Also in the event you have other pending offers, it gives you a chance to notify the other prospective employers and let them know you are entertaining multiple offers to ensure that they put their best offer on the table.

Getting that call with a verbal offer is so exciting that long term job seeker want to quickly shout from the roof tops “yes!” But by showing some self restraint and asking 3 key questions you can accept that job with complete information and confidence.


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