Sept. 2, 2010 StarTribune: Employers hiring, they’re taking their time

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Sept. 2, 2010 StarTribune: Employers hiring, they’re taking their time

After reading this article in today’s Strib, I couldn’t help but comment based on real life examples. At any given time I work with and meet dozens of job seekers every week and have a very close pulse on the movement within the local job market.

Here is what I am seeing in the job market: increased employer confidence which translates to a willingess to have more conversations with job seekers, an increase in job postings, increase in options for job seekers to consider, and an increase in job offers being made.

I am also seeing job seekers who have been on the street way too long who have grown tired, become jaded and cynical and even down right surly.

The news of employers hiring is good news and should give job seekers hope. But I agree that hiring will continue to be slow and certain jobs will likely to come back sooner than others. Typically these are jobs that are revenue generating jobs like sales, new business development and interactive marketing. Others should follow over time as long as employer confidence is good. I am also seeing employers looking for different skill sets, different combinations of skills and employees who can jump in and contribute quickly.

What all this says to job seekers is that now is the time to get your second wind, bury the negative attitude and forge forward. The news of increased hiring doesn’t mean kick back and coast thinking a job will drop into your lap. You will still need to implement a good job search plan because you will have a lot of tough competition. But hopefully your effort and hard work will pay off sooner than later because the news is out, employers are hiring.


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