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3 questions to ask when receiving a verbal job offer

After a long job search, when that call finally comes with a job offer, job seekers are often so excited that all they think about saying is a resounding “YES”! But this is a time you want to keep your composure so that you know exactly what you are signing up for. Asking some key questions will ensure that you don’t prematurely agree before knowing all the details.

Question #1 : Ask them when you can expect to see the offer in writing. Too often a verbal job offer entails just base salary. A written offer typically includes other details like bonus potential, vacation eligibility, and start date. I advise job seekers that they will want to see the whole picture of what an employer is offering before accepting the offer.

Question #2: Another question to ask when you get a verbal offer is who should you follow up with once you review the offer. This indicates who you will be negotiating with in the event you choose to do so. Typically you will be negotiating with either the recruiter, human resources or the hiring manager. Whenever possible try to negotiate with the hiring manager, they have the need and the budget.

Question #3: When you get a verbal offer be sure to ask when they need a decision by. This will give you time to review the details of the offer, consider a negotiation strategy and even leverage other offers you may be considering. One word of caution however. Be careful not to put a prospective employer off too long, they may question your intentions and commitment to take the job.

It is very exciting when that call with a job offer finally comes, keeping your composure and asking some key questions will help you say “yes” without reservation.


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