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Surviving Being a Survivor

Whether it’s 1, 100 or 1000 people laid off in a company it is equally challenging for the remaining survivors.

Survivors suffer in silence because many say,“ just be happy you have a job”. But what people don’t realize is that it can be equally challenging for those left behind. Survivors face:

  1. guilt from seeing others lose their jobs
  2. sadness from losing coworkers, peers and sometimes long standing friends
  3. burn out from assuming an increased workload
  4. fear from never being convinced they aren’t next on the lay off list

“Surviving”, being a survivor, requires not sitting back and waiting to be a victim of your circumstance. Ways to take charge:

Assess your current role:

  1. are there parts you enjoy?
  2. does this time present opportunities to diversify your skills?
  3. could your current role open more doors in the future?

Take a step back and assess what you want to be doing

  1. tasks
  2. roles or functions
  3. the job
  4. next step in your career

Assess your work environment

  1. is your current situation temporary?
  2. will your job return to the one you initially were hired for?
  3. has your role changed for good

Look at the organization

  1. does the culture continue to align with your values?
  2. what direction is the company heading?
  3. how does your role fit with the direction of the organization?
  4. how does this fit with your career aspirations?

If your job no longer fits – know you have options. This might be a good time to regroup a set out on a new course.

Ways to regroup

  1. talk to a professional
  2. re-evaluate skills, strengths, interests and values
  3. re-engage network
  4. update resume

The economy will eventually recover. Don’t be victim of your circumstance – know your options.


About the Author:

Cultivating Careers was founded by Karen Kodzik, a Career Consultant who has worked with individuals in transition for over 13 years. Karen meets professionals at various points on their career path and works with them to gain a clearer sense of where they want to take their careers. Karen Kodzik holds a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Career Development. Karen couples seasoned counseling skills with a solid business acumen. She has coached and consulted various levels of professionals across industries to successfully reaching that next point in their career.