9 Things job seekers are grateful for.

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9 Things job seekers are grateful for.

At first glance it would appear that there would be little to be thankful for if you are unemloyed and embarking on a holiday season of additional expenses and expectations, and I am not going to suggest being unemployed is fun or easy by any stretch as I see dozens of my clients do all they can to keep their chin up. But one thing the holiday season affords us is time to step back and refocus our attention on what we have vs what we lack. And in any group of job seekers I hear nuggets of graditude and I will share them here on this Thanksgiving weekend.

1. They are grateful for when someone they least expected steps up to help with advice, a connection or even just a shoulder to lean on.

2. They are grateful for how this challenging time has brought their family closer.

3. They are grateful for time to heal from a rough separation from their previous employer.

4. They are grateful for now being given the chance to pursue something they love.

5. They are grateful for not having to fight rush hour every day.

6. They are grateful for unemployment benefits that will help bridge them for a while.

7. They are grateful for the time to support the needs of their family whether it be the kids or aging parents.

8. They are grateful for all the new people they are meeting along this journey.

9. They are grateful that this time is only temporary!

So as we approach this holiday season, my hope for all my clients and for all job seekers is that they are able to see beyond the struggle, the frustration and disappointments and look at this experience through a new lens and know when they eventually land they will look back on this experience with gratitude.


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