When a Job Doesn’t Turn Out To Be What You Signed Up For….

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When a Job Doesn’t Turn Out To Be What You Signed Up For….

On a fairly regular basis I get calls from people who want to know what to do if a job isn’t what they understood it to be when they accepted the offer. Despite their due diligence during the interview process, when they got on board the job was different from what they understood it would be. This is a very delicate situation and needs to be handled carefully. Overall if you are considering jumping ship, be careful so that you don’t burn bridges. The Twin Cities business community is very small and because people change jobs so frequently these days, you don’t want a reputation in the market place as someone who has bailed right after accepting a job. The key is to establish an open line of communication immediately with your manager so that you can discuss job responsibilities and expectations. Talk with them regularly. It is not uncommon for weekly check ins during the first 30 days. I advise people not to over react, wait until you get past the training and “on-boarding” period and see what the job is like once you get into a regular routine. If there continues to be a disconnect between the job you were hired for and what the job actually is, don’t just quit. Have an open and honest conversation with your manager to see if something can be changed, if not then together negotiate an exit strategy. This way you leave with integrity and your reputation in tact.


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