Removing the Barriers of Ageism in Job Search

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Removing the Barriers of Ageism in Job Search

In an interview with Kare 11 this week I spoke about the misconceptions prospective employers may have about hiring older works. I outlined many tips but can’t restate enough the following points.

Attitude is everything! Every job seeker has to enter the job market with an energetic and positive attitude.

Experienced workers also should shift their message from what they used to do to what they can do moving forward. This includes focusing their resume on recent accomplishments vs job responsibilities from over 20 years ago.

Get current. I tell my older clients to make sure their outward appearance is current and polished including clothes, style of haircut and of glasses.

I also suggest that they leverage experience by talking about how they can jump in quickly, have a shorter learning curve and can draw from best practices gained throughout the years.

Lastly, identify and pursue industries where age and experience hold a higher value.

Ageism in the job market may exist but it is more often just as much a frame of mind. Using some of the suggested strategies will help minimize the effect of age in a job search.

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