Rumors of an Improving Economy

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Rumors of an Improving Economy

So what does this mean for job seekers? It unfortunately doesn’t mean the heavens will open up, jobs will fall from the sky and everyone will be working by 4th of July. What it likely will mean is an increase in employer confidence. And with an increase in confidence comes an increase in spending and ultimately hiring. Hiring will likely start with contractors and if all goes well confidence will continue to grow enough that more full time permanent hiring will occur. Secondly, with rumors of an improving economy comes an increase in perceived options for all the people currently working, meaning they will begin to entertain jumping into the job market in search of something else or something better. Their jobs will then become open, giving current job seekers more options to consider. So let’s all hope these rumors of an improving economy come to fruition and brighter days are right around the corner for many people.


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