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Cultivating Careers provides customized career counseling, coaching and consultation for professionals at different points in their careers. Whether you are faced with difficult career decisions while working, looking to enhance or advance your existing career, want to evaluate other career options completely, or even launching a full blown job search you will receive the coaching and guidance to set goals and execute a plan that will lead you to a more rewarding career.




Has the 9 to 5 work week gone away? An interview with Karen Kodzik of Cultivating Careers.


Career counseling, Executive coaching, Job search advice

Cultivating Careers provides career guidance and advice for individuals and couples who find themselves at a cross road facing important career decisions.

In Jobs – clients at all levels have valued a confidential and objective professional helping them assess and navigate difficult work situations and environments that accompany role, leadership and culture changes .  Gaining insights into options, skills to proactively manage their career path and a plan to see it progress.

In Transition – you will receive guidance to clarify your career objective, build a communication plan to articulate a clear message to the marketplace, develop a market competitive resume and receive individualized coaching on the tips in the areas of networking and interviewing.  Clients have appreciated having a strategy to effectively navigate the job market and a professional coach walk with them every step of the way until they find that next opportunity.

Many professionals know they want something more from their careers. Cultivating Careers helps them realize it.

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Navigating Through "Now What?"

The Various Career Crossroads In Our Lives

By Karen Kodzik

Navigation through "Now what?" cover

You were expected to know what you wanted to do in life, but how many times have you changed careers? Many people will find themselves at a critical crossroad or decision point in their careers more than once.

The majority of people will ask themselves at some point in their careers, "now what?"

Navigating Through "Now What?" shows these crossroads are a common part of the human experience and don't need to come as a surprise. By understanding yourself and your options, you can approach career crossroads without fear.

For more information about Navigating Through "Now What?", visit the book page.

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